About Us

EXPEND NIDHI LTD Incorporated under company act 2013, under Nidhi Rules2014, by the innovative leadership of inspired professional s in this revolutionary market trend. A company declared as a Nidhi (nbfi) under section 406 of the Companies Act,2013.

Nidhi have many features which make them stand distinctly apart from many other Non-Banking financial institutions who are working under the guide line of R.B.I. Depositors can choose from a wide range of deposit products with maturities ranging from 12 to 60 months at competitive rates of interest and with different features to suit the investment needs of individual Members.

  • Our Vision

    To be The Most Valued Trusted Financial Service Provider at the Doorstep of the Common Man, by our all financial product to Satisfying our members need with Easy and Simply.

  • Our Mission

    Expend Nidhi's mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.